Evaluation Guidelines for Project 2

As we went over in class:

1. Does your project demonstrate a clear knowledge of both the text and the author’s point in writing the text?

2. Does your project hold your reader’s attention? Even if your argument isn’t groundbreaking, do you present it in a fresh, original way?

3. Is your project understandable?

4. Does it have a clear sense of organization and grammatical correctness?

Also, no reading journal this week either!

Here are some additional questions you can ask yourself as you work on your project:
1.    What is  the overall argument the author presents?

2. What did the author choose to study? Why?

3. What is the writer’s purpose? To inform? To persuade? To criticize?

4.    Who is the author’s intended audience?
5. How does the writer arrange his or her ideas? Chronologically?

6.    How does the writer use diction? (Word choice, arrangement, accuracy, is it formal,
informal? Technical versus slang?)

7. Does the writer use dialogue? Quotations? Why?

8.    Are important terms repeated?

9. What is the sentence structure of text? Are there fragments, run ons? Is it declarative, imperative, exclamatory? What effect does this have?

10. Does the writer use punctuation to create an effect? Italics, underlining, parentheses? Which marks does the writer use, and when?