Exploration I for Wednesday

There seems to be a bit of confusion about Wednesday’s assignment, so I hope this clarifies some things.

1. Wednesday’s exploration is not the same thing as the weekly reading journal outlined in your syllabus. This exploration should be a short (1-3 page) retelling of a  personal story; nothing more, nothing less. It is designed to help us move towards a better understanding of our first project, not summarize and comment on readings. This exploration should idealy look like something Mudari or Wolfe would have written as a warm up before writing “Coffee and Cigarettes” or “The Last Shot” respectively.

2. I will address reading journals on Wednesday, but they will be due each and every Friday, no matter what the other assignments for that week have been. Again, they should be very short,  not time consuming.

Remember, bring two paper copies on Wednesday so we can conduct our first workshop of the year.