Nutrient Management

Every year we team up with the Northwest Crops and Soils Team, coordinated with Heather Darby, to teach Nutrient Management Classes. These are five week classes, usually starting in January, that give you an overview of nutrient management and help you develop your own farm plan. This plan is created to the NRCS 590 Standard.

Specific date and contact information can be found on our workshops page. In order to take the class you first have to obtain current soil tests and a land treatment plan with farm maps. If you have questions about the process of creating a nutrient management plan, feel free to contact us [, 802-388-4969]. This is a process that you have to plan for before class begins. The course utilizes goCrop, an online software tool, to create your NMP.

More information about the course can be found on the Northwest Crops and Soils site.

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