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Celebrate Earth Week with Burack Lecturer Teresa Balser

On April 20th and 21st, UVM welcomes Teresa Balser, Professor of Soil and Water Science, University of Florida and 2016 Fulbright-Nehru Distinguished Chair to India. Dr. Balser is an internationally recognized scientist and educator. She has received numerous educational accolades including recognition as the 2010 Carnegie U.S. Professor of the Year (Doctoral and Research Universities). […]

Building your Stress Toolbox

This semester I had the privilege of presenting the workshop “Building Your Stress Toolbox: Minimizing the Impact of Stress on Your Life & on You.” I held the workshop twice, once for the Womyn@Noon program offered through the Women’s Center and again at the Center for Teaching & Learning. The presentation was about managing stress […]

iClickers and Universal Design for Learning

The iClicker is one of many types of student response systems and, at the University of Vermont, we have adopted the iClicker as our preferred version of a student response system. We are in the process of installing iClicker base stations in many classrooms on campus that have 50+ seat capacity. What does this mean […]

iPads, Second Adopters and an upcoming Apple event (iPublishing anyone?)

iPads are continuing on pace in terms of the adoption curve. Though technology adoption is not as simple as first adopters/second adopters/third and so on, there are some definite patterns that seem to recur with depressing regularity. Glossing over complexities, it seems that first adopters try a new technology because it’s new and by doing […]

ACCESS Office Open House

Disability Awareness Month: ACCESS Office Open House Friday, October 28, 2:00-4:00 pm A-170 Living Learning Center ACCESS will host an open house (drop-in) for faculty and staff. The director, specialists and other ACCESS support staff will be available to have sit down, individualized meetings or informal chats about our topics such as services, instructional implementation […]

eReaders: What’s on your iPad?

“Which ebook app should I buy for my iPad?” I was recently asked to recommend an ebook reader app for a new iPad owner. At first this seems like a difficult choice: are the features of the iPad’s own iBooks that much better than those of the Kindle or Nook apps? Are there less well-known […]

iPad Projecting Update: Now it’s easy

If you have a new iPad 2 you may wonder what all the fuss was about. Now built into the device is the ability to project whatever is on the iPad screen, no special apps needed. Together with the built-in camera, this newer iPad is fast approaching the point where it might replace your laptop. […]


If you have been using Zotero, the bibliographic management plug-in for the Firefox browser, you may have wished for a standalone version that you can use offline as well as online. Just announceed today are two changes that will be most welcome: 1) Zotero will soon be available as a plug-in for Google Chrome, Apple […]

From Google Puppy to Alpha Dog

What happens if you ask Google to compare the GDP of France and Germany, or ask it how many cows were in Vermont each of the last ten years? You may find a web page where someone has posted that information, or you may have to search for several sites and gather the information for […]

What do Students Want? Thoughts about Course and Library Portals.

The Chronicle of Higher Education Wired Campus blog links to an article in the journal portal exploring student information seeking activity. Oregon State University librarians Jane Nichols and Margaret Mellinger studied student attitudes, knowledege, practices, and skills in an effort to determine if and how students would use a proposed subject based library. Their study, […]

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