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Screencasting: What and Why?

Screencasting is a technique that allows you to record everything that happens on your computer screen then turn that recording into a video. Not very exciting, right? But think about all the things you do on your computer. More importantly, … Continue reading

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Today’s App: Book Crawler

Books upstairs, books downstairs, books in the office, books from the library, books I read long ago, books I’ve winnowed out to donate to the local book sales…I’ve always wanted to catalog them. When Goodreads came along a few years … Continue reading

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DPLA Launches Soon

We love Google books but, for research, often find its limitations frustrating. We love the many and varied digital collections that abound throughout the web but wish they could be used in a more seamlessly interconnected way. The vision of … Continue reading

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Building your Stress Toolbox

This semester I had the privilege of presenting the workshop “Building Your Stress Toolbox: Minimizing the Impact of Stress on Your Life & on You.” I held the workshop twice, once for the Womyn@Noon program offered through the Women’s Center … Continue reading

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MOOCs are courses that are: Massive: designed for large-scale participation by dozens or even thousands of people. Open: freely available with free access to all course materials. Online: available through any web browser on any mobile device or computer. As … Continue reading

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Getting Students into Gear

For my first post to the CTL blog, I wanted to share some resources with the larger UVM community as a follow-up to my Sound (Teaching) Bite this week that offered a few strategies and tools for educators to help … Continue reading

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Projecting from your iPad

How do you use your iPad with a projector? For example, how do you project a slide show, make annotations, and display what you type on a screen? Are there other apps that allow for other interesting classroom activities? You … Continue reading

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Better: Blog Comments or Peer Review?

Jeffrey Young asks “What if scholarly books were peer reviewed by anonymous blog comments rather than by traditional, selected peer reviewers?” And continues: “That’s the question being posed by an unusual experiment that begins today. It involves a scholar studying … Continue reading

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iTunes U

There have been several stories in the news lately about colleges partnering with Apple to offer podcasts of lectures or other audio content through iTunes. (see below for example) Aside from the questions these partnerships raise about Apple, marketing, and … Continue reading

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An interactive color theory game

John sent me this great interactive game for learning colors. COLOR box : a color theory game looks kind of like tetris, but instead of focusing on shapes, the object of the game is to use the additive color system … Continue reading

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