March 2012

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Are you planning your class schedule for the fall semester? If you are looking for a class that will benefit your interpersonal skills and help you manage conflict, consider taking a course offered by the Center for Student Ethics and Standards (CSES). We offer an Introduction to Conflict Resolution course taught by CSES Director Kim Martin and Assistant Director Lara Scott.

The purpose of this course is to look critically at the concept of conflict in our lives and how to recognize and address it effectively. Differences in beliefs, values, individual needs and actions, combined with a lack of self-awareness about how to navigate those differences, can often lead to conflict. The course will explore the concept of conflict, specifically looking at engaging with conflict effectively. We will look in-depth at our conflict selves; our individual conflict styles and default ways of handling conflict; conflict in a social context; how different identities and cultures influence the ways we do conflict; and ultimately, what to do about it. Through a variety of individual and group exercises, readings, and class discussions, you will deepen you awareness of your own and others’ approach to conflict as well as intervention tools and strategies.

Intro to Conflict Resolution is a 3 credit course offered on Tuesday from 8:30am to 11:15am. The course registration number (CRN) is 94664.

For more information, please contact Lara Scott at or 656-4360.

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