About CSDTrain

Disintermediation: a fancy term that means bypassing layers of bureaucracy; layers of management; layers of people who are busy with other priorities and other tasks.  It means giving information directly to those who need it.  Who want it.  Who deserver to be included in conversations that impact their personal and professional lives.

CSDTrain will be a running account of the ongoings of Custodial training and development.  It will encompass topics ranging from cleaning science to management principles, and it will promote resources and events that are affiliated with CSD community partners such as the UVM Center for Cultural Pluralism, the Refugee and Immigrant Support Provider Network (RISPnet), and the United Way Working Bridges Program.

My posts on CSDTrain will always include a slant — an artifact of my own personal beliefs in the value of social justice, diversity and inclusion, and critical dialogue.  But the point of CSD Train is not to promote one point of view.  Instead, CSD Train aims to inspire others to introspect and ultimately share their own thoughts and opinions, too.  To share their own voice so that we can broaden the impact and meaning of our collective conversations.

The more people onboard with CSDTrain, the more powerful and impactful these conversations will become.