Temperatures dropped to the high teens throughout Vermont last night, according to the National Weather Service Office. Terry Bradshaw, from the UVM Horticultural Center, reports a low of 24 degrees in Burlington. As a result, it is likely that some orchards suffered frost damage.
For growers with crop insurance, now is the time to inspect your crops and report any suspected damage or, potential losses to your insurance agent immediately. To remain eligible for loss payments crop insurance policies require that damage be reported to your agent within 72 hours. It is a good practice to get a copy of the damage report for your records. In addition, growers should not destroy evidence that is needed to support a claim, without clear direction from the insurance company, preferably in writing. In no cases should replanting of annual crops occur without written permission from your crop insurance adjuster.

You may also have some crops enrolled in the Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance (NAP). If damage occurred on any of them, Contact the Farm Service Agency (FSA) office for your county to report the damage.

Remember; be sure to contact your crop insurance agent immediately if you experienced crop damage. For more information contact a crop insurance agent or visit UVM Extension’s crop insurance web site at http://agrisk.blog.uvm.edu or the RMA web site at http://www.rma.usda.gov where a list of crop insurance agents can be found.

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