A working title with chapter headings

Title: Teaching Others / Teaching Self: My life as a teacher. 1. Now. The girl in class. Why choose this story to begin? What it shows about the decisions I make and the methods I employ as a teacher. beliefs method/strategies effects on them, effects on me Where did I learn all this stuff. What […]

re-starting again? or am I stuck…

Was in Florida last week at the JFK Charter school. Having trouble getting my writing feet back under me today. Doing some detail things that saps energy and need to be done. This is hard. Maybe tonight after all is quiet. I’m not quite sure where to go at this point. Momentum has lagged. Had […]

The Multiage Years

DRAFT Multiage Classrooms in Vermont: Mismatch Comes Home To Roost Multiage When I came to Vermont, I quickly became immersed in the progressive ferment that enveloped Vermont education in the early 1970’s. The Vermont State Board of Education, led by Harvey Scribner, a visionary Commissioner of Education, had adopted a framework for learning called “The […]

keeping at it/meeting with RN

I felt like I’ve was telling more than showing, especially in the urban teaching/education entries. For the multiage entry, I used actual notes from being in that classroom, what ? fifteen years ago? Is that possible? Today I am going to go over this piece of writing and see if I can add some color […]