Final Class

Well, we did it! I apologize for the timing being off today and am grateful you could stay around to hear each of us out with our posters. They represented a good deal of thought, integration, and plain old work. I’ve put some on the website. I’ll get pieces of all of them up and running soon. But right now, like for you, life calls and I’ve got to move on for a bit. Anyone want to join me at 5am for the house moving? (Just kidding!) All the best, Charlie

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  1. Gina says:

    Hey All,

    Thank you for such a great learning environment during our seminar! I have already shared some of the information from class with my mother and a few teacher friends. :0)

    I hope that some of us can keep in touch. Best of luck to all of you with everything.



  2. Christie says:

    I’m torn between feeling happy to not have to get up early and have class to feeling sad that the class is over! I agree with Karen in that it is amazing what you can learn in just 2 weeks! I wish everyone luck in whatever comes your way next. I’ll see all of you taking Charlie’s next class next week!

    My email address is for anyone who wants to keep in touch!


    P.S. Here’s the MI Test for anyone who wanted to take it online so it calculates everything for you.

  3. Karen says:

    Im feeling a little sad and nostalgic already…This was a terrific class, it’s amazing how much you can learn in so short a time! Leo – your powerpoint was awesome. If there’s anything at all the class was lacking it was a little more of Leo’s humor. Thanks everyone, for a really rich collective learning experience (in the true spirit of Vygotsky!)

    For anyone who might like to get in touch with me at anytime, my e-mail is:

    Best of Luck to Everyone!


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