Evildoers like Macbooks, Thwart Them with “Find my iPhone”

Apple offers a special “Find my iPhone” option as a part of their free iCloud cloud storage and backup service.  Despite it’s name, you can use this tool to locate most of Apple’s product line, including your Macbook. Setting up “Find my iPhone” To activate this feature you first must establish an Apple ID.  If […]

Is This Email Legit?

Is this email legitimate or a hoax?  This is the single most frequently asked question we have.  The answer is almost always no but people still ask and occasionally one of our clients will fall for a scam and end up with a compromised account. The basic rule of thumb should be: if you want […]

MacOS X Users: It is now safe to go back into the water, 10.7.3 update

Greetings- For those running MacOS X Lion, aka 10.7, it is now safe to install the 10.7.3 update.  Apple switched from the context sensitive Software Updates version of the update (which is supposed to only install the components of the update that your computer needs) to the “Combo” version which contains everything for all currently […]