Can’t print a full CATS Report from MyUVM?

We’ve heard some reports of people having trouble printing CATS reports from MyUVM.  In a nutshell, the problem is that the  report is around 13 pages long but when printed from MyUVM they only get the first page. This is because MyUVM uses a website structure called a frameset, which basically means that the single […]

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Do you know what “University Protected Information” is?

I’m guessing that you probably don’t know exactly what we mean when we say “University information” in a security related discussion.  This is because the definitions are buried in the fairly recently published University Information Security Policy and just like End User License Agreements, nobody likes to read policy statements until we have to. Those […]

MacOS users: 10.7.3 update is out, install at your own risk

If you do not have a Macintosh computer and are running OS X version 10.7, this article does not pertain to you.  Please keep moving folks, nothing more to see here. Macintosh users with the most recent version of OS X, 10.7, aka “Lion”, there is an updated version of the OS that adds some […]



After the Systems Architecture and Administration (SAA) group replaced the old active directory filing appliance with honest to goodness Windows 2008 Servers, went away. Well, thanks to the SAA group,  it’s back and in a supercharged version.  Connect, log in using your UVM netID, and you not only can get at your personal active […]

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Sharepoint useage tip: Don’t click on the name of a file

A pair of department administrators asked me for help with editing files in Sharepoint. It turns out that they were confused about the difference between clicking on the name of a file and selecting “Edit in Microsoft ” from the drop down menu. They assumed that the two actions would give you the same results […]

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Lots of phishermen, don’t fall for the bait

We’ve seen many UVM customized phishing scams recently, including one that mocked up our webmail login page exactly. The only legitimate email regarding password or status changes to your UVM email account is the one that comes from David Todd and DOES NOT ask you to do anything but go to the UVM account page […]

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Have you heard of UVM Guestnet?

Recently a CAS faculty member approached me with a problem; she was the designated escort for a visiting professor who had his own laptop and wanted to use UVM’s wireless network. Sure, she could have had him install the UVM VPN client software and then connect to Cat’s Paws using her UVM netID, but then […]

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Announcing the CAS Computing Services blog

CAS Computing Services has a new blog! Check it regularly for news and timely information regarding computers and Information Technology.

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Vista activation issues

Pretty much every Optiplex GX755 desktop purchased and deployed by the College during January 2008 has had Vista activation issues. We believe that this issue was triggered by the recent deployment of Vista Service Pack 1 through Active Directory. The version of Vista that we use here at UVM is Vista Enterprise. Vista Enterprise uses […]