After the Systems Architecture and Administration (SAA) group replaced the old active directory filing appliance with honest to goodness Windows 2008 Servers, went away. Well, thanks to the SAA group, ¬†it’s back and in a supercharged version. ¬†Connect, log in using your UVM netID, and you not only can get at your personal active […]

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Fake Antivirus Infections on the Increase

Recently we’ve seen a rash of people infected with official looking but entirely fake antivirus malware. In general, the user reports that they were just using a web browser, minding their own business when suddenly a window appears that looked like it came from Microsoft Windows, and which informed them that they were infected with […]

Are you still running Symantec Antivirus?

Are you still running Symantec Antivirus security software on your computer? If yes, it’s time to remove/replace it. ETS has just announced that they are decommissioning the on campus management servers for that software package as of November 30th. Although this shouldn’t affect your use of your computer, you should note that because Symantec hasn’t been updated here on campus for several years now, you are not completely protected from the various flavors of malware that have appeared in the interim.

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Still looking at a red “eyeball”?

Are you still looking at a red “eyeball” NOD32 icon in your Windows XP or Vista system tray? It has come to my attention that some are still waiting for NOD32 to “fix itself” as I mentioned it would back in November. The NOD32 license has long since been renewed and thus if you’re still […]