Have you heard of UVM Guestnet?

Recently a CAS faculty member approached me with a problem; she was the designated escort for a visiting professor who had his own laptop and wanted to use UVM’s wireless network. Sure, she could have had him install the UVM VPN client software and then connect to Cat’s Paws using her UVM netID, but then she’d have to reveal her password (which is against UVM policy) or stick to him like glue the entire week he was on campus.
I suggested UVM Guestnet. UVM Guestnet is a special wireless network that allows UVM affiliates (faculty, staff, students, basically anyone with a valid UVM netID) to “sponsor” a non-UVMer and allow them to connect to the Internet. The catches are that the sponsor is responsible for the behavior of whomever they sponsor, plus the account expires in seven days.
To begin the process, connect to the UVM Guestnet page on any computer currently connected to a network. Enter your UVM netID and password.
Read the page of policies and instructions, then click Get Started.
After you fill in the three required fields and click Create, your guest will be able to connect to the “UVM Guest” wireless network and start up a web browser. Their browser will ask them for the ID and password created by the Guestnet web page and then allow them onto the Internet as usual.
Each UVMer may sponsor up to five people for a maximum of seven days each.
UVM Guestnet access basically gives the user access to the public side of UVM’s local network (www.uvm.edu, webmail, etc) as well as the broader public Internet. It is not intended for use by those who otherwise have an active UVM netID or who need access to restricted or secure UVM only resources.
As always, ask us here at CAS Computing Services if you have questions.