Still looking at a red “eyeball”?

Are you still looking at a red “eyeball” NOD32 icon in your Windows XP or Vista system tray?
It has come to my attention that some are still waiting for NOD32 to “fix itself” as I mentioned it would back in November. The NOD32 license has long since been renewed and thus if you’re still looking at a red “eyeball” icon, then there’s something else wrong and you’re going to have to take additional steps to get your anti-malware software working again.
Unfortunately at this point, you can’t just install the new version on top of the old. So, please do the following:
1) Download the most current 32 bit version of NOD32 from to your computer.
2) Go to Start | Settings | Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs on Windows XP or Start | Settings | Control Panel | Programs and Features under Vista.
3) Locate ESET NOD32 antivirus in the list of installed programs, click it and uninstall or remove it. When finished, restart your computer.
4) Double click the current version of NOD32 that you downloaded in step one and allow it to install. Under Vista, you will need to confirm any User Control alerts that appear during the install process.
Ultimately you should have a green eyeball in the system tray and, if you “hover” your mouse over the system tray icon a pop up will appear and it should tell you that you’re running version 3.0.684.0
As always, contact CAS Computing Services if you have questions.