Running over your Inbox quota?

Are you getting notices that you’re approaching the limit of your 50 MB Inbox quota?
Are you involved in a collaborative project that is generating lots of big email attachments?
Aside from the usual recommendations that you delete email you don’t need, file it in IMAP mailboxes other than Inbox and don’t forget to make sure that whatever email client you are using is set to purge at some point (verify this by logging into your account via webmail)
One easy way of handling this is to divert “big” email messages out of your inbox and into another IMAP folder as they arrive.
You can do this in the UVM filtering website:
Log in using your UVM netID and password
Click on Email Filtering
Click Add New Filter
Under “Filter Big Messages” choose the minimum size message that you want filtered and then either select an IMAP mailbox to have the messages moved to, or select New and enter a new folder name.
The messages will be filtered into that folder with no other intervention from you. You can read the mail from that folder via webmail or any other IMAP capable