Niagra Falls, NY – The Grand Finale

We’re so glad that we decided to stop here on the final stretch for home. None of us have ever been to Niagra and it didn’t disappoint. It turns out that this the very first state park established in America. People used to all sorts of dumb wierd things here, like go over the falls in barrels, or climb out on the ice bridge that forms (and collapses and reforms without warning) in the winter. In the 18th century they used to climb out towards the center of the falls on a ladder made out of a big cedar tree. Gee, guess that’s why our ancestor’s life span was statistically shorter than ours, eh?
Our original plan was to visit the falls, take a few pictures and then set up camp for the night. But Alaina had her heart set on getting wet and talked us into taking the “Maid of the Mist” boat excursion which goes right up under both the American and Horseshoe Falls. They give you these goofy plastic ponchos to wear but boy do you need them. It’s literally like standing under a fire hose when they take the boat up into the rapids at the base of the falls.
It was a great ending to a great trip. Kudos to Alaina for talking us into it.

Tomorrow it’s one final slog to home, Abby and our humble home. Check back here for a summary of all our favorites and not so favorites of the entire trip.

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  1. Sandra Fary says:

    Good for you Alaina! I would have wanted to also go on the boat excursion!

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