Indianapolis, IN

Did you know that Indiana has more miles of interstate highway than any other state in the union? Did you know that just about every mile of those interstates is under construction this summer? Maia has dubbed such sections as “The Cone Zone” and we’ve spent many a slowdown sitting in them this summer. These are your economic stimulus dollars at work, putting burly types in hard hats to work.
Chip woke us up before he headed off to work (shocking that someone in this country isn’t on vacation, isn’t it?) and we said goodbye to the adorable Micah, left Kelcie still asnooze in her bed and headed off to Indy.
The rhythmic noise that had become increasingly loud over our last couple of legs, had now graduated to a full fledged roar. So, we called ahead to my sister to arrange for yet another appointment at yet another Honda dealer. This time the suspicion was a failing left rear wheel bearing.
In our headlong rush across Iowa, Illinois and Indiana (yup, it was “states that begin with ‘I’ please Alex” day), we forgot that we were now back on Eastern Standard. So we rolled in at what we thought was 8:30, when in fact it was really 9:30. My sister and family had long since eaten, of course, but thankfully had dinner for us too. Then to bed in sheets etc again, disturbed only by several rowdy cats that tried to sucker Maia into feeding them.
Next day was the now routine drop off at the Honda dealer, followed by a day at the Indianapolis Zoo and Aquarium. Highlights included a pack of what appeared to be extremely hung over meercats, a great dolphin show, rhinos chillin’ in their mud wallow and baby elephants (awwww). It was far from the usual July temperatures out here, although the sun did finally come out.
Tomorrow, off to Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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  1. Helen Heinrich says:

    What are HTML tags?
    Why no pictures of Chip and Kelcie and their house etc? Was it too dark when you arrived and too dark when you left?I’ve forgotten where Bob andMaide are supposed to be.
    The Hendrickson Family faces are a great improvement on the 4 oldtimers on the mountain!Shall we petition the Nat Park Service?
    So you’ll be home tomorrow, pick up Abbie first thing, call theHonda dealer etc. Everybody will be glad, I know!

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