Omaha, Nebraska – Chip and Kelcie’s lovely home

We left Keystone SD in a cloud of dust for the long schlep to Omaha.
The landscape is far less exciting for us now, although I suspect that’s because it pretty much looks like home now, just a bit flatter.
We actually stopped in Wall, South Dakota, home of the famous Wall Drug. Our vehicle was unfortunately making increasingly loud noises and had developed such a charming shudder in the front end. Not only is Wall home of the famous drug store (you see billboards advertising this place for literally six hundred miles before you see the exit) but there’s a really nice tire dealership there as well. They dropped everything and rebalanced our tires for us in about 35 minutes. The good news, shudder was gone, bad news, noise wasn’t. So we soldiered on with visions of wheels spinning off into the ditch without warning. Yes indeed, we’re putting the capital “A” in adventure on this one.
Not to perpetuate a cliche, but yes there is a whole lotta corn in Nebraska:
We arrived in Omaha an hour later than anticipated. Chip (my cousin) and his wife Kelcie were waiting for us along with their adorable Bichon named Micah and a somewhat aloof cat whose name I can’t recall right now. We all got a dose of puppy time, reminding us of how much we miss our Cocker, Abby.
The last time we were in Nebraska, Chip was about 15 and didn’t want to have too much to do with “old” married people such as ourselves. But now he’s old and married too, so we had a great deal in common. Turns out he’s a medical recruiter who has found people to fill positions at Fletcher Allen among others, so he’s familiar with Vermont.
Once again, off to bed in very comfortable surroundings.

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