Hatchet WY, Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons

Whooeee was this a long driving day. We snaked our way up on narrow roads, many of which were under construction. After dark it reminded us of home, no street lights and just tiny little signs that were easy to miss. We had the lovely experience of winding through Jackson, WY at 10:00 pm on a Saturday night. Let’s just say that the place was hopping!
Arriving in Hatchet Wyoming somewhere around 11 pm, we found what we thought was our campsite, only to discover when I went to plug in the power that we’d actually set up one site over, oops. It was a chilly 48 degrees and we bundled up for bed.
The sun came up to reveal the Grand Tetons just over the hills and a lovely crystal clear day. After breakfast, we set off to drive up to Yellowstone to see Old Faithful, have a picnic lunch, then head south to the Tetons for a little hiking before dinner. What we didn’t anticipate is that every road in the ENTIRE NATION is under construction this summer. The National Park Service’s idea of road construction is to complete rip the road out, down to dirt, set the speed limit at 25 and bring sections down to one lane. It took two hours to drive the 40 miles up to Yellowstone from the Tetons.
Once there though, the girls caught on to the energy of this place. Old Faithful erupted right on time. We took in the geysers and exotic algae mats that look just as I remember them from 1973 when we last visited.
The skies looked ominous as we headed south to the Grand Tetons again. We made better time and arrived at Colter Bay to do a little hiking. Unfortunately some hefty thunderstorms were rolling in, plus the park rangers had done a very good job of educating the girls regarding the dangers of bears, so both fear and weather cut our hike relatively short. And, for the first time this trip, we actually needed the bug spray.
If you’ve never been here before, the valley floor sits at at 6700 feet but the peaks range up to 13k, and because they are relatively youthful, they’re still slowly growing. They’re relatively unique in that they don’t have any foothills, jumping from the valley floor to 7000 feet in one slope.
We decided that for our next trip out here, we will fly out, rent an RV and stay just in this area for a couple of weeks. There’s so much to see and do that we just can’t do it justice in even a few days.
As frosting on the cake, we (and about fifty other tourists leaping from their assorted vehicles) spotted a cow moose and her calf before heading back to another chilly night in Hatchet.

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