Winnemucca, NV and the “Deep Nothing”

We retraced our route up from SLO to the Sacramento area, then vectored off into the Nevada desert. Our nation is indeed a vast quantity of not a heck of a lot. We could drive for literally hours seeing not much more than power lines, highway and sagebrush. The temp was hovering between 96 and 101 degrees, the sun was going down behind us when . . .
Bang, a flat on the trailer. Not a huge catastrophe as we had a good spare, and the flat was on the breakdown side, not the way scary highway side. A half hour later and we were once again on our way to beautiful downtown Winnemucca.
Winnemucca advertises themselves as “the place where something is always going on” and they’re not kidding. They have a convention center, believe it or not, and sponsor one of the biggest rodeo competitions in the country every year.
The Winnemucca Hi Desert RV Park was quite comfortable, with a pool that the girls reported was actually cooler than the bathwater they swam in in places like Arlington Texas. We ate dinner and crashed, as usual.
The next morning we took the precaution of having both trailer tires replaced, putting the spare back on the rack and taking the old still good rubber with us. Now we have four tires for Otiss, should the same thing happen again. In the process we met Mike and his wife who run the “Tire Factory” in downtown Winnemucca. He’s a former commercial helicopter pilot who now runs three local businesses with his wife: the tire place, a “Taco Time” and, you guessed it, another RV park. He treated us to free tacos on the way out of town as we hit the road an hour or so off schedule.
Pedal to the metal to Wyoming we went.

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