Atascadero, CA

Next stop, and the highlight of the entire trip for Miss Maia Grace, was Atascadero, near San Luis Obispo (“SLO” for those far hipper than myself), to visit her favorite Preschool/Kindergarten teacher of all time, Jolie Burrows, husband and professor extraordinaire, Matt Moore and their wee son Eli.
Once again we rolled through extensive agriculture with much irrigation. This time mostly grapes as we were passing through the famous Paso Robles wine country.
After parking Otiss in Matt and Jolie’s “RV pullout” (a feature of the houses thereabouts), we spent a great evening of pizza and conversation, then to bed on sheets and firm mattresses.
Working around Eli’s schedule, Matt took us on a tour of California Polytechnic, where he is on tenure-track, and downtown SLO. A priority was a visit to one of the local wine shops selling liquid ambrosia from the smaller local vineyards. Then a terrific lunch at one of their favorite restaurants. I had the “ultimate BLT” with fresh tomatos, bacon, smoked salmon and avocado.
We met up again with Jolie and Eli at the beach to see a bit of a surprise: elephant seals! At first we thought they were rocks, but soon discovered that they were the “guys”, male seals, chillin’ on the beach and molting their old skin off, before the ladies and their offspring returned in the fall. About the length of your average pickup truck, and about half as heavy, they appear to be a cranky crew, continually barking at each other and jostling for position. They move like gigantic caterpillars and sound like a bizarre combination of a tom-tom and someone plunging a toilet.
Then another dip in the Pacific, which is surprisingly Maine-like cold in Northern California, before another great nights sleep and then off into the desert to, you guessed it, Winnemucca, Nevada (whoo hoo).

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  1. Helen Heinrich says:

    Are you girls going to complete this blog with what you consider the highlights of the trip? And Melissa and Andrew too?
    I’d say you ate your way across the USA – write a book!
    So you didn’t cook out of the camper or the campsite very often,apparently. Don’t blame you a bit with all that exotic fare within reach.
    Hey, people who own tire stores are pretty great, right? Now there’s a job that will never be affected by any economic downturn. And tires smell so good!

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