Barstow, CA 111 degrees

Hoookay, well the Nevada desert is pretty darn hot. We left Jacob Lake and headed south on I-15, passing through Las Vegas. At one point the temp was 111 degrees.
We passed through Zion National Park in the process, a park that Melissa and I had visited back in 1992. It’s a place where you basically can’t take a bad picture:
Then we hit our first real traffic jam as all the Californians leaving Las Vegas (where they’d partied all weekend) to go back home had to merge down from Vegas’ six lanes down to a more sane two.
We were surrounded by a sea of California license plates, in every car was either two or four guys, or two or four girls, all in their twenties, everyone asleep but the driver, with a towel stuck in the passenger side windows against the blazing sun. All heading, hell for leather back to whatever normal life awaited them in California. I can’t say that it looked like a heck of a lot of fun to us but it’s a free country.
We arrived at our favorite Barstow/Calico KOA Kampground, temperature was 95 degrees. But the pool was surprisingly cool and there were very few other campers around. We ate dinner of pretty good pizza at Peggy Sue’s “Nifty Fifties” diner, which is basically the only thing around, according to the billboards we’d been reading for at least sixty miles ahead of the exit.
Tomorrow we finally reach San Francisco, the Pacific Ocean and the mid point of our trip.

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