Side trip: Orem UT

Sooooooo, we had a wee bit of car trouble on the way out of the Colorado mountains. Our poor old Pilot didn’t like climbing hills at 65 pulling a trailer in 95 degree heat (gee go figure!?).
Nearest Honda dealer: Orem UT, 90 miles to the north. To our currently warped perspective, that’s nothing more than an afternoon’s drive. So off we went.
It turns out that Orem is basically Arlington Texas all over again, just a few hundred miles north. We pulled into town to find that the Utah girl’s state volleyball championships were going on. We got the last hotel room in town, ate some dinner and crashed until the morning.
At breakfast we were surrounded by huge numbers of very tall young women dressed in knee pads (or their jammies).
The car was fixed by noon (all it needed was some new VTM fluid) and off we went, finally, for the Grand Canyon, one day later than planned.

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