Eagle, CO – Friend’s Ranch Day 2

So, despite the fact that company, like fish, starts to stink after two days, Laurie graciously spent a second day playing with us in Colorado.
After a great light breakfast, we were off on ATVs to the top of the ridge for a snack and some pictures, then stops at several restored homesteads on the way back. Melissa had her five minute crash course and she was off. Maia rode with me and was much happier on an ATV than on a horse.
Then we scored a fabulous dinner of charcuteries (prosciutto, bresaola and saucisson), cheese, bread and other sundries. Because we all wanted to compare notes on the various cheeses, Nathalie put together a quick “tasting book” dubbed “The Cheese Log(tm)” and we had a great time rating the various offerings on a five star system.
Dessert was S’Mores out at the fire circle under the stars. Since Colorado limits a household to one wood burning device per, the fire was gas. But the S’mores were awesome (try Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups sometime, you won’t believe how good they are), and of course both the Margaritas and the music were piped in.
The next morning, a little worse for wear, we headed off down the road and off to the Grand Canyon.

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