Arlington, TX 102 degrees

Just a short entry from Arlington Texas. We arrived at one of the more bizarre KOA campgrounds (oh, sorry – KAMPgrounds) which is in the middle of basically a mall in Arlington. Imagine 150 RVs parked next to the University Mall and that’s basically what we’re looking at.
We’re having a severe case of RV envy. There are literally dozens of humongous RVS parked all around us, with their ACs running, and then there’s little old us in our tiny pop up.
There is a fireworks show going off somewhere close by, plus the pool closes in half an hour, so I need to go. However, you Vermonters have our sympathy in dealing with yet another week of straight rain and cool temps. But, as Maia says, this is waaaay toooo hooott!
On to the cooler climes of Santa Fe, NM tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Arlington, TX 102 degrees

  1. Hildi says:

    I FORGOT TO SAY HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! Hope you find some cool place to celebrate tonight.

  2. Hildi says:

    I remember always looking for yogurt on our drives to Nebraska but no luck that way either. There is no antidote to the high cholesterol breakfast!
    Tell us when you see your first seguaro cactus.
    And do you know that my friend from junior high, Tracy (Kubitz) Smith lives in Santa Fe? Shall I look for an email address? I know I have a street address. But you’ve probably got enough to do. but she and her husband Dan will be showing stuff at art shows. so maybe you’ll see them. I’ll call again soon. We’re off on our trip Weds so we’ll be out of touch for two weeks. Love you. Have fun!

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