Yes, we’re still alive

Hi there all- Sorry for the big break in communications. We didn’t plan out the first segment of this trip with internet connectivity in mind, so now, in New Orleans, is our first opportunity to reconnect. I’m actually borrowing a wee bit of bandwidth from one of the neighbors right now. People oughta put some security on their wireless networks. Sheesh, anyone could be using it!
Our first stop was a big party in New Jersey for Ray Heinrich’s 80th birthday (my stepfather). Ray was obviously very moved and proud to have all of us there, including family, friends, old students and colleagues.
To learn more about Ray and all of his accomplishments, check out this little Google Maps thing I put together as a gift.
No sooner did this party wrap up but didn’t we have another fabulous piano recital and reception to attend half an hour away. Mr. Maxwell McKee, son of my sister’s beau Andy, presented his Senior recital, a very impressive list of familiar composers plus one original composition.
We set up ol’ Otiss in a Montclair NJ driveway and camped out in the midst of a neighborhood porch party. I’ve added some interior shots to the previous Otiss posting, to satisfy those who were curious.
From Montclair, it was off bright and early for a campground outside of Roanoke VA, which I must admit we did little justice to. We drove like mad, ate dinner out at this great little place recommended by a local, arrived after dark, set up and went to bed, got up the next morning, packed up and left.
We’ve discovered that the legal speed limit on most Interstates, outside of New England, is 70 miles an hour. There’s this little part of I-81 that passes through Maryland, then West Virginia, then on into Virginia. When you hit the Maryland part, the speed limit goes up to 70. I thought it was just a Maryland thing until we hit Virginia, when it went back up to 70 and has stayed there for the rest of the trip so far.
We’ve also discovered that everything in this country moves by semi truck. Manytimes there are more trucks on the road than cars, and we feel very small in our Honda Pilot with trailer. But the truckers for the most part are going the limit, and are quite polite and helpful on the road.
We’ve discovered that there is a Waffle World and a Cracker Barrel (although we don’t know if this is a store or a restaurant) at nearly every exit, and that a “Pilot Travel Center” is the same thing as a truck stop. Every Walmart has a Lowes, a Home Depot, a Best Buy and a Bed Bath and Beyond right next to it.
And you can’t get a yogurt at your average gas station quick mart.

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3 Responses to Yes, we’re still alive

  1. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to the US outside of New England. Have you bought any chewing tobacco yet? Try a Cracker Barrel…and eat some grits.

  2. Mike Early says:

    Great to hear you made it all the way down the coast already and Otiss is still going. Gotta love that unsecured bandwidth. So where are all the great pictures of the east coast and maybe even a few of bourbon street at night. Hope you have a nice dry 4th down there and don’t have to use too much of that deep woods off.

  3. Sarah L-P says:

    Hi ya’ll!
    Have an awesome 4th of July!

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