Meet Otiss!

Our new friend for this trip is nicknamed “Otiss”. Otiss stands for “Old Trailer is Super Special”. Otiss is a 1987 Palomino Yearling pop up that we bought for $200.00 from a neighbor.

And then we put ten times that much into sprucing old Otiss up: new lifts, new mattresses, new mattress covers, new wheels, tires, bearings and races, leveling jacks, a battery, a new awning, assorted new lights and other safety gear. It’s been quite the spring project. Hopefully Otiss returns all the love he’s been given by being the dry, reliable little fellow we think he is.

Yes we plan on continuing the state sticker tradition already begun, and we’ll be adding a few choice bumper stickers too, hopefully reflecting contradictory philosophies of life from a variety of locales and points of view. And yes, that big blue one does say “Sandusky Ohio and proud of it,” which is indeed a classic.

Here’s some setup and interior shots:

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3 Responses to Meet Otiss!

  1. Phyllis Cheng says:

    Hendricksons, we are keeping track of you from Singapore! We love the look of OTISS – we hope she’s good to you!
    Are you planning on swinging by Sandusky, OH on this trip? GREAT roller-coasters there.
    Take care and have fun, Sam, Mad & Phyl

  2. We demand an update…and also photos of the interior of Ottis, who looks very agreeable, and I hope, is returning all that love.

  3. Todd says:

    Gotta have the Bass fishing sticker on there too, nice! Hope you all have a great time. Is there a “general” state itinerary?
    safe travels,

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