Getting Ready

Greetings dear friends and relatives-
These are crazy times, trying to tie up the end of school (which has been compared to a runaway train), pulling together the last renovations on our 1987 Palomino Yearling pop up camper, finalizing the last reservations at various places, etc.
Oh, and just for chuckles, we’re wrapping up refinancing our house this coming Friday. Yeah, if you’re gonna do it, why not do it all at once?!
So, revisit this site often for updates. Hopefully there will be great pictures of some of the great places we find. Or, if things go south, there may be grumpy faces, clouds of smoke and some flexing of our favorite credit cards. I guess this is what we mean by “adventure”? We may pull off the whole 9200 miles round trip, or we may throw a wheel bearing at the first highway exit. Our most essential piece of equipment will be a sense of humor, because we can’t rely anything else.
So, here’s to the Pop Up Portal, possibly the most entertaining and informative website for those entering the cult of the “tent trailer” that there is. Many thanks to our neighbor, Mike Ramsey, who can make anything out of anything, can squeeze more juice out of a nickel than anyone we’ve ever met, and who is a staunch believer in the saying “if a little grease is good, more grease is better”.

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8 Responses to Getting Ready

  1. Matt says:

    Hi Guys,
    Look like you are having fun- got your pic of that big hole in Arizona!
    Who was the first to yell “HELLO”!

  2. Sonja Willett says:

    Hi Guys!
    Sounds like you are very prepared! I sure hope you are having warmer weather then we are back here in Huntington. Isn’t this supposed to be summer?
    I love the trailer name… “Otiss”. How clever! We look forward to your next posting. Please give our best to Jolie and family.

  3. Maddy says:

    Hope you guys are having a great time!!!

  4. Hi there all.
    We’ve dubbed the tent trailer “Otiss”, which stands for “Old Trailer is Super Spiffy”. Hopefully old Otiss will get us there and back. And hopefully we don’t pull an Auntie Em and get airborne in some twister somewhere.

  5. Betsy Payne says:

    Awesome, dude!
    I was trying to think of some kind of slang that would be age appropriate with your vehicle but even I can’t remember that far back. Whatever else it will be, it will make for great family stories later on. Or else a good movie script. Where is Chevy Chase when we really need him? I am sorry we are not on the itinerary this time.

  6. Rigutto Family says:

    Look forward to reading all about your upcoming adventures ! we will miss you ! – The Rigutto Family

  7. Bobbi K says:

    My advice- take ziplocks- lots of ’em, and BIG ones at that!!
    Best wishes, Team Hendrickson, we’ll be following the adventure!

  8. Andrew Field says:

    Countdown! Anyone taking odds on how many hours they miss their ETD by? $10 says it’s less than 2 hours!

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