Tina Escaja “Optics as Metaphor; The Printer at the Far End of the Romance Languages: A CyberArtist / Feminist / Impostor’s Take on Otherness.”


What does it mean to be a woman then and now, at two turns of the century? What does it mean to be a feminist, a scholar, a brown, thick-accented woman in American academia? Escaja’s lecture invites you to reflect on the elusive concept of otherness, from fin-de-siecle decadence to technological fallacies of liberation in the new millennium; from death as metaphor of demise to death as opportunity and rebirth for Latin American and Spanish women seeking to reinvent themselves, searching to invert, refract, reconfigure the light of canonical literary tradition.

Due to a technical failure at the time of the original lecture, Dr. Escaja’s lecture was re-taped at the UVM studio


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