Thanksgiving Break


   Aldo Leopold
My lake house is in a remote town called Acworth NH, the closest store is 30 minutes away and each time I come up here we see wildlife numerous time. One time we were driving down the road near our house and a deer went into the street and stayed there just staring at us. When I look at the lawn I sometimes imagine a deer looking back at me and I wonder what he would be thinking about what I am doing in a big warm house. I then come back to reality when my mom says it’s time for thanksgiving dinner. I have a lot to give thanks for this year; my life is going great. It’s hard to detach from the stresses of our lives, but when I appreciate nature and I look the deer in the eyes I seem to be able to look more broadly upon my life and see it in a different perspective. When we realize that there’s more to life than being valedictorian, there’s the joy of learning new material and discovering things that are mysterious to society and when a problem arises where you know the answer you will feel accomplished. The deer might be able to choose to go back to his family or he could be able to choose to never see them again. Everything is under our control in our life and it is completely our decision whether to go against the norm and not let the other reindeer’s morals hold us back from the things that we love like saving christmas or theorizing chemistry enigmas that our courses allow us to explore, but the environment of said school tells us that the TA’s grading will help us in the end game. When in reality we fall victim to mind games where we are almost forced to create a monster unless we realize that the only way to see the deer again is to love it to the point where you understand and know that the rain is here for you!

Mabel Wright 

This is pure enjoyment, when you are spending your whole day thinking about your chemistry class and you take a minute to breath and watch the raindrops hit the water and trying to catch every sound that the water creates upon impact trying to escape your own complicated life and revert back to the deer looking upon the man looking upon his life and feeling inadequate when in reality he is conquering all his hopes and desires. Any deer would be curious upon the next few years of this mans life because the true test to see if the man is no longer an ape is whether or not he validates his purposes and hopes in life by looking at the water droplets falling from the sky and ignoring the weathercasters, mothers telling him to come to dinner, and the old jaded chemist who spends his life fighting a monster that is himself. Anyone can trick themselves into thinking that they are happy, just ask “The man who believes his town is the world” (Frankenstein, Shelley). We can spend our whole lives drifting listlessly through the wind, like a paper bag trying to start again. Or we can challenge our environment and immerse ourselves with the beauty of what we are studying and finding the beauty in the things that would evidently cause other people to hate your career, the environment of your career itself! Competition in STEM is subjectively the worst enigma of society to this date.,+Acworth,+NH+03773/@43.2661847,-72.2731525,14z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x89e19461bdf48c39:0xb21159184c6a4b1c!8m2!3d43.2661865!4d-72.2556429

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