Get Un-Distracted

I don’t know about you, but sometimes at work I get distracted by the shiny things on the internet. Maybe it’s an eBay bidding war for a "Murder, She Wrote" action figure. Maybe it’s a compulsion to review the UHC cafeteria food on Twitter. And let’s face it, Facebook is nothing more than a distraction […]

Check Your Email Inbox Size

Worried that you might be approaching the limit of your Inbox quota? You can always check your inbox usage here. This and other account tools can be found at UVM’s NetID and Account Management page.

PGP Whole Disk Encryption for CHWB Laptops

  If you are a CHWB laptop user, you need to know that UVM, as an institution, is becoming increasingly concerned about the data contained on laptops and other mobile devices. Let’s face it, your laptop probably contains more information about students and coworkers than you realize. And when it comes to Private Health Information […]

Quick Links to Various Tools

Select from the links below to take care of business or select (about) for more info: Change Your Spam Filter Settings Change your NetID Password (about) Put Your Email on Vacation (about) Forward Your Email (about)