September 2013

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Does this sound familiar? You’re home, you just had dinner, but you need to get a big message out to CHWB before tomorrow dawns. You hop onto UVM Webmail and send your message to the CHWB Listserv but it bounces back….What gives????

Well, here’s the deal with the Listserv:             LISTSERV        IS        NOT      SMART.

While everyone at UVM has two flavors of email address— and—the Listserv only knows you by one of these addresses (usually the style address). So if you send a message using the OTHER address, the Listserv has no idea who you are and so your message bounces back.

What to do?

Let’s start with Webmail:

In UVM webmail, the temporary solution is to select the right address in the "From" dropdown menu in the New Message window. For most CHWB-ers the “right” address is the one that looks like


The permanent webmail solution is to select Preferences from the left side of the webmail window, then select Personal Information, and set the “Default From Address” to the “right” address, as above. Click the Save button to, you know, save your changes.

As for Thunderbird:

Most people will already be set up to correctly send messages to the Listserv, but if you need to make any changes, just go to the Tools menu select Account Settings, and change your email address, like I’ve done here (except use your address):


Click OK to save your changes.

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