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These instructions are obsolete and will be deleted when the transition to a news remote-access method is complete. Please use the new method to connect to PnC from off campus.

PnC is available from off-campus by making a “Remote Desktop Connection” between your off-campus computer and one of the computers on campus that CHWB has made available for this purpose. CHWB only has a limited number of remote licenses available, but if you have an ongoing need for remote access we will do our best to provide it. Contact Rob or Pam for more info.


  1. A fairly fast internet connection (old-style dialup will most likely not cut the mustard).
  2. A Windows XP or later system (or Mac OSX or later).
  3. CHWB tech staff needs to enable remote access for you and assign you a Remote User License in PnC.


(details below may vary depending on your version of Windows or Mac OS)

  1. From off campus, start your computer and get on the internet.
  2. Start up the Cisco SSL VPN Service by pointing a web browser (like Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer) to and logging on.clip_image002[4]
  3. Your VPN session can begin after this screen says  “Connection Established”:image
  4. At this point you will be connected to the campus computer network in a way that is similar to how you connect from on campus: the CHWB share folders are all accessible as is your “My Documents” folder.
  5. Open the Start menu in the lower left corner of your screen, then select…All Programs >> Accessories >>Remote Desktop Connection
    (or just open the Start menu and type mstsc in the Search box)
    (Mac users can download and install the Remote Desktop software here)
  6. In the “Computer” entry area, type the IP address of the computer you are going to connect to. In this case, pick one of these:
    24/7 Access
    IP Address Physical Location Status UHC 2224 Always available UHC 2224 Always available UHC 2224 Always available UHC 2224 Always available
    (Athletic Medicine Priority)
    UHC 3137 Always available


  7. Make sure that your user name here is either your UVM NetID or “CAMPUS\NetID” (as above)—if one doesn’t work, try the other one! Winking smile
  8. Click the “Connect” button. If you see a warning about the identity of the remote computer you can connect anyway (because you know the identity of the other computer).
  9. Once you connect to the computer you will be asked to provide credentials for logging onto it. Use your NetID and password (again, if NetID-only doesn’t work for you, try “CAMPUS\NetID”).clip_image008
  10. IMPORTANT:If you see a message like the one below that indicates that the computer is already in use, DO NOT CONTINUE. Instead, try to connect to a different computer.


  11. You will know you are up and running on the other computer when a window appears on your screen that shows the full desktop of the other computer. Simply double-click the “Cheshire” icon (on the other computer) to start running PnC. As a privacy matter the screen of the on-campus computer will remain dark while you are using it.
  12. Please don’t forget this step! To end your Remote Desktop session, close PnC and any other programs you are running on the other computer and (VERY IMPORTANT!) select LOG OFF from the Start menu of the other computer to disconnect your remote session (if you don’t, you will block anyone else from connecting to that computer).clip_image012