April 2011

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Effective 4/14/2011, Point and Click now includes the records of any incoming First Year or Transfer student who has been accepted by UVM and paid their acceptance fee (aka “deposit”).

These students are not eligible for CHWB services yet, but they are eligible to log on to MyWellbeing and complete their required Health History and Immunization forms. This is a good thing.

How to Recognize One of These Admitted / Not Registered Students:

Left hug In OpenChart Patient View they look like this (Medical or Counseling Summary):


Left hug In OpenChart Registration View they look like this:



Left hug In OpenRegistration the default view also includes the following Eligibility Summary:


*Note that they are only eligible to fill out entrance forms, and that even that eligibility expires just before the next regular semester. In this case, if they have not registered for classes by 7/31/11 they will lose their ability to fill out their health history and immunization records.


Left hug In OpenSchedule these students will look like this (not eligible for appointments):



Random Notes

Requirements to Log On to MyWellbeing:

In order to log on to MyWellbeing, these newbies need an active NetID and password. When the new student pays their acceptance fee (or maybe even when UVM sends the acceptance letter), UVM tells them what their  NetID is. They can activate their NetID and establish their password here: http://www.uvm.edu/account. Please share this info if you get calls from students who can’t log on.

If they have paid their acceptance fee and don’t know their NetID, look them up in OpenRegistration (not just the registration view of OpenChart). Then click the registration button and look for "Extern. Dir. Username" near the right side of the pop-up: that’s their NetID.

Med Students Not Included:

It’s important to note that incoming MED students are not in the same category as incoming undergrads, and they do not (yet) have early access to MyWellbeing.

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