January 2011

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Some of us just can’t keep from maxing out our email Inbox quota.

Two facts can help you get a handle on this pesky problem:

  1. The only folder that counts toward your email quota is your INBOX.
  2. The most bloated email messages in your Inbox are undoubtedly the ones with ATTACHMENTS.

Okay, so what? You can’t help it if your mother keeps sending you those videos of cute kittens, right? Well yeah, but there’s a trick you can do so that those messages NEVER CLOG UP YOUR INBOX AGAIN.

Here’s The Trick

  1. Go here: http://www.uvm.edu/account
  2. Log in using your UVM NetID and password
  3. Select “Email Filtering”
  4. Select “Add New Filter”
  5. Under "Filter Big Messages" choose the minimum size message that you want filtered (512 KB is a good choice)
  6. Either select one of your mail folders from the dropdown menu or select “New Folder” from the dropdown and type a folder name (like “Big Mail”) in the field to the right of the dropdown.
  7. Click the “Filter” button. End of story.


What this does

From now on, any message bigger than the size you specified will totally BYPASS your Inbox; instead, these will be delivered to the folder you specified–with no further intervention from you. It’s like magic.

When a “big” message arrives, you’ll get this special delivery notice so you know to check your other mail folder:

bigmail folder delivery notice:

This email is a notification that UVM email filtering has delivered
a message from the same sender and with the same subject as this
message into your bigmail folder.  The original message was large
and you have opted to have large messages automatically delivered
to a separate folder.

As always, you can check your Inbox usage here.

Worried that you might be approaching the limit of your Inbox quota?

You can always check your inbox usage here.

This and other account tools can be found at UVM’s NetID and Account Management page.

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