March 2006

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We use the UVM NetID username and password to access a number of systems at UVM, such as when we log onto our computers, check our email or access the Cataylst/Peoplesoft system (coming soon).
You can change your NetID password here:
your NetID password must be at least 6 characters long.
Remember: when you change this password, you’re changing the password for at least three different systems:

  • Logging onto your computer
  • Checking your email
  • Using the Catalyst system

Some notes from CIT about passwords:
A good password is easily remembered but hard to guess. Do not choose passwords that have any personal reference to yourself; for example, your nickname, or a hobby.
Do not choose a word that is in a dictionary: your password will be checked against the system dictionary. Nonsense words, unusual acronyms, and deliberate misspellings are good passwords.
Adding numbers, special characters or capitalization makes a password more difficult to guess.
A good technique for making easy to remember, but hard to guess passwords is to take two short words, and concatenate them together with a number or symbol in the middle. For example, take the words “frog” and “pen” and then your password could be “frog5pen”. That’s fairly easy to remember, but would be fairly hard for someone else to guess.

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