In Outlook you can put a face to a name by adding a picture of yourself to your email profile. Many organizations use this for improving customer service and to help staff remember names and identify new staff.  Most professional organizations recommend taking a self-portrait wearing proper attire. Lucky us, we can use the professional picture of our self from the CHWB website!


Go to your department staff page on the CHWB website:


Athletic Med:                      http://../athmed_1215101123.aspx?path=athleticmed


Living Well:               


Then right click the picture and save the image somewhere on your computer where you can find it.

Next open Outlook and go to People. Search for your name in contacts and double click on the blank person icon in your contact (example below):


Navigate to your picture and click Ok. That’s it!

For help configuring your Droid device to use Exchange, visit the University Knowledge Base article at:

For help configuring your iOS device to use Exchange, visit the University Knowledge Base article at:


Please go to this page for help exporting and importing your Thunderbird address book:

Open Outlook.

Click File and then the Automatic Replies button.

       Auto Reply

Next select Send automatic replies.

Set any time ranges you want by selecting Only send during this time range: and then entering a start and end time.  Then enter the message in the text box.

Auto Reply Turn On

If you want to set a different message for email outside of the University, click the Outside my Organization Tab and repeat the above steps.

Click Ok to apply your changes.

Microsoft Exchange – Exchange is the name of the new enterprise messaging and collaboration solution that integrates email and calendar functionality.  The University of Vermont is migrating to this system December 2015 through January 2016.

Outlook – Is the application that will replace Thunderbird and Oracle Calendar.

OWA – Stands for Outlook Web Access.  This is the web version of Outlook and replaces Webmail and Web Oracle Calendar.  You can access OWA from any modern web browser here:

Lynda – Is the on-line self service training system for Microsoft Exchange and Outlook. W e encourage everyone to visit the site.

The link for Lynda is:

Only follow these steps if your account has been migrated!

Log into Windows with your netID and open Outlook. If you can’t find Outlook, search for it by clicking your Windows key and typing Outlook in the run box.


and click Outlook 2013.



Opening Outlook brings you to the welcome screen. Click Next>


Click Next>


Click Next>


Click Next>


Click Finish. That’s it. Outlook will open. If you see a window to install updates, click “Use Recommended Settings” and then “Accept”


For help setting your primary email address in Exchange, please visit the UVM Knowledge Base here:

For help about email size limits and which attachments are blocked by Exchange, visit the UVM Knowledge Base here:

Instant Support

Call CHWB Tech Support and use this


link to allow them to see and operate your computer.

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