The Phenotypic Approach — A recap.

This week I want to finish up the discussion of indirect genetic effects and contextual traits by tying them back to the theme of this blog. Going way back to the early days (yes, next week this blog is one year old!), it is important to remember that the theme of this blog is that […]

Indirect effects, Individual Traits and Contextual Traits

Another pure essay post.  I was surprised that last weeks post didn’t generate any controversy.  I guess that that proves that the only people who read my posts are people who agree with me.  Sigh.  As the song goes “I’d love to change the world, but I don’t know what to do, so I’ll leave […]

A Reprise on Contextual Analysis.

My life has gotten a bit hectic these days, so as usual a bit late, and perhaps a bit short.  At this point I have gone through most of the basics that I wanted to talk about before getting into more speculative stuff, but I think that a few weeks of review and revisiting past […]

Measuring the heritability of contextual traits.

First a plug for an upcoming conference.  If you are interested in artificial life there is a conference, Alife 14, being run by, among others, a friend of mine, Hiroki Sayama.  There is one week left submit abstract, and a good time should be had by all.  .  This meeting will take place in New […]

Griffing, Associate effects, and heritability.

Last week I talked about the effects of localized mating on heritability.  If you remember we discovered the effect was small, at least for weedy species like Plantago lanceolata.  This week I would instead like to talk about the effect of interaction structure on the heritability of traits.  Much of what I will be talking […]

Local mating and heritability

Focus focus focus.  There have been lots of articles this week about how kin selection explains everything.  It is very tempting to go off on a heated rant about how it is time to move past 1964, and maybe start doing some science around social evolution.  Instead, I will maintain focus and continue to talk […]

Mating structure, Interaction structure, and Selection structure

Many years ago when I was a graduate student, Mike Wade  suggested that we need to consider two distinct types of population structure, mating structure and interaction structure.  At the time I was quite naïve and I constructed my own meaning around that idea.  I doubt he was thinking about it in the way I […]

Some Initial Thoughts on Breeding Designs

This week I don’t particularly have any papers to review, just some thoughts.  In the past few weeks I have been showing the power of contextual analysis as a means of measuring the strength of multilevel selection in natural populations.  The problem, of course, is that a selection analysis is, correctly, strictly a phenotypic analysis […]

Group selection in Monkeyflowers?

I found a good very recent article that can be used to illustrate my point that we have a lot of data sets that show multilevel selection; however, because of the data sets were collected for a different purpose, they have never been used to look for multilevel selection.  The paper is on the effects […]

Contextual Analysis and Community Ecology

OK, last, or maybe next to last essay on the use of contextual analysis.  The reason I say maybe next to last is that I strongly suspect that a lot of people have data sets that could be used for contextual analysis.  Thus, I would suggest that without collecting any more data we could greatly […]