These are my notes from today’s session, including information provided by Hope beforehand.  Please feel free to add to them in the comments section. Sincere thanks to Hope for preparing this information and presenting today. -Adam

I am always looking for apps that let you do something… list is split by consuming things and creating things.-Hope Greenberg

I am thinking of ways to interface with place and having that community based learning experience.- Alan Tinkler

See Walter Poleman’s placed based work.

Hope’s Dog Map, a map she made of dogs along a running route.

Considerations when selecting apps:

  • Check to see which map service the app is using: google, mapquest, etc.  Make sure that will fit your needs.
  • Also consider what you can do with the data after you have taken it.  Most can email, but how else can you the data be used? KML is a file format that will work with Google Maps.

A list of applications for your consideration from Hope Greenberg:

Create things:

  • Google Earth (the Mothership)- Free
  • My Places for Google Maps (Add pins, lines, and areas to The Mothership)
  • MyMaps (Add pins, lines, and areas to The Mothership)- $1.99  A mashup of google and google maps, with GPS. You can layer a Google map image over the map you are working on. Save maps in one’s google account, login to Google Earth or with the same google account and pull it into Google Earth or Google Maps, export as a KML file. Embed maps in blogs, blackboard, etc. Click the Collaborate button in to find a customized URL.
  • KMLMapHD (see all kinds of data details about your KMZ/KML maps – haven’t plumbed the depths on this one quite yet)-$3.99
  • KMZ Loader (doesn’t quite work as it should but it gives an easy way to see the guts of a KML file)-Free
  • iMaps+ (good for displaying routes for directions)- $1.99
  • Maps (the built-in iPad app that is not quite as good as iMaps+)-Free
  • GPS Toolbox (basic GPS program)- $2.99
  • Galileo (record, save, share your GPS track as you walk or drive it)-Free. It is possible to save the file as a KML file, which can be imported into Google Earth.
  • Field Notes– Free version let’s you take photos and notes. Upgrade for $10 allows you take audio and video along with photos and notes. Provides more visuals and cues for space, with geo reference for where you are.
  • Everywhere

Consume geography things:
HistoryMaps (a collection of maps of historical sites/events)-Free
National Geographic World Atlas– $1.99
WorldMap (a free map of the world but annoying in it’s determination to make you buy the pay version)- Free
TapQuizMap (timed game)- Free
There are plenty more kids/games types here:

Follow up questions:

Do you need cell and WiFi for these apps?

Apps/Resources shared by the group:

CCTA now is working with Google Maps for local bus service.  There is also the blirp it  web service for UVM buses.

iMotionHD– stop motion video- free

Aris– tool for making location based stories, games, and art.

iPad As website- lots of useful recommendations.


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