First Group Meeting Notes

A small group of us met for the first time, so the notes will be short but substantive! Many thanks to Carmen Smith and Haley Wooside-Jiron for participating.

iOS Apps:



  • 53paper- journaling with different art mediums
  • eyeWitness
  • Pandora
  • Starwalk
  • LeafsnapHD
  • RunKeeper
  • Cards

Each of these apps were projected to the SmartBoard using adapters available in the Technology for Teaching Lab.


We talked about using WebDAV Navigator to move files from the iPad to the an individual’s Zoo account at UVM.  One possible scenario:  While in a school observing a student teacher, you could use the video camera on the iOS device to record the student in action.  Then you could use WedDAV Navigator to place a compressed version of that video right in the student’s Zoo server space for further reflection after downloading and possible integration into the student’s portfolio.  This could happen if there was a wireless connection in the school and after the student entered their netid and password into WebDAV Navigator.  After transferring the video , you can delete that student’s login credentials.

After some testing today, one can save a Pages file to their Zoo server space and open it for editing in Pages right from WebDAV Navigator on an iOS device. I’d be happy to demonstrate this or the other scenario above for anyone interested.

Syncing files from computers to iOS devices caused some trouble for folks in general.  There are several services out there that will sync items, but one needs to be aware of the restrictions around specific data types that cannot be stored on third party servers.  The bottom of page 4 and page 5 of the UVM Information Security Policy list the types of information that cannot be stored on third party servers: .

The group decided to try another meeting in two months, however that will be at the very end of the semester.  If anyone would like to meet before the end of the semester, please indicate so in the Comments section.  If you would like to continue the conversation here on the blog, please comment as well.

Thanks to all for your interest in the iPad/iOS User Group.  Looking forward to the ongoing conversation.

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