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Aislinn DoyleAislinn Doyle (2)

Aislinn is a part-time doctoral student in UVM's Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Program, while also working as a Career Development Counselor at Saint Michael's College. Her research interests include arts in education, specifically how the arts function epistemically and the role the arts play in cross-cultural conversations. She is passionate about access to education for girls and young women around the world and currently serves as the President of the Board of the Mariposa DR Foundation.

I’m not a native speaker.
Maria HortonMaria Horton (1)

Maria Horton is pursuing an Ed.D. in Leadership and Policy Studies at UVM. Her area of interest is how we can address socio-economic and mental health issues in schools to ensure educational access for students who live in poverty or have experienced trauma. She has over 13 years of elementary teaching and administrative experience, working with students from Pre-Kindergarten through college. She is the interim principal at Champlain Elementary School in Burlington. She holds an MBA from UVM, an M.Ed. with a focus on technology from St. Michael’s, and a BA in Psychology, also from UVM.

Writing Literature Reviews
Winnie LoobyWinnie Looby (1)

Winnie Looby is pursuing her PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies with a concentration in Special Education. She received her MEd in Early Childhood Special Education from the University of Vermont. A long-term Vermont resident, Winnie is also an artist trained in multiple disciplines.  Winnie’s research interests infuse her arts training together with her interdisciplinary interest in supporting diversity and equity broadly, and specifically for students with exceptionalities.

Post-Summer Leadership Opportunities
Gabriel McGannGabriel McGann (1)
On Becoming a Professor
Steven NetcohSteven Netcoh (3)

Steven Netcoh is a Postdoctoral Associate with the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at The University of Vermont. His work primarily focuses on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL).

“What Do You Mean by ‘Personalized Learning?’
Mark W. OlofsonMark W. Olofson (7)

Mark is in the third year in the EDLP Ph.D. program at the University of Vermont. His research interests include modeling teacher knowledge in technology-rich learning environments, the effects of adverse childhood experiences and residential mobility on early learners, and the globalization of public school privatization policies. When he isn't reading, writing, or discussion education, Mark enjoys backpacking, whitewater paddling, and bicycle touring.

Propensity Score Methods: Working with Natural Experiments
Caitlin S. SteeleCaitlin S. Steele (4)

Caitlin S. Steele is a graduate teaching fellow, research assistant, and doctoral candidate in the University of Vermont's Ph.D. program in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. Her research focuses on complex systems as an interdisciplinary lens in K-12 curricula. Through her dissertation, she is exploring the concept of systems literacy and questions around how one becomes systems literate. Before arriving at UVM, Caitlin taught English for twelve years. In 2009, she received a Rowland Foundation Fellowship to support her work collaborating with colleagues across disciplines to develop a sustainability-themed freshman academy. She continues to work closely with the Rowland Foundation, serving as a Rowland Associate organizing professional collaboration among past and current fellows located across the state of Vermont and beyond.

Bill McKibben: Humble Leader