Signing off

It is now my fourth week of summer and my situation remains basically the same. I am working at a seaside, seafood restaurant that isn’t a bad gig. The customers can be unruly sometimes, and my boss has her moments, but I’m making money and that’s all that really matters. I also begin babysitting the same family I babysat last summer, which is really exciting. The only problem with working all of these hours is that I still don’t have a car. I should have one by the end of next week, but I am getting by in the meantime. I have finally adjusted to being home-I am used to my parents asking me what I’m doing that day, or whatever but I definitely miss the freedoms of college. One thing that I don’t miss is the schoolwork. It is so nice to not have deadlines and projects to do. I am also really enjoying making money again. I didn’t work this past year because I was adjusting to college, so it is a nice to change to have money in my pocket again.

I think this is my last blog. I wish you luck on all of your big decisions that are coming up or have already come up. Next year, no matter it takes you will be amazing. Your first year of college is one hell of a ride, so just be ready to faces any challenges, obstacles, joys, and accomplishments that are coming your way. Remember to take hold of every opportunity presented to you, and to always remember to not take life too seriously. If you are coming in as an elementary education major don’t forget to laugh about all of the ridiculous projects you’ll have to do and enjoy every moment with the children you’ll meet throughout your four years at UVM. Good Luck and thanks for reading!

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