Bittersweet Ending

The weather is finally getting warm. We have had about two days in a row in the 80’s. I think everyone is melting here, especially after getting through a week in the negative 20’s. More and more people are sporting their sunburns from spending days down at North Beach. I am one of those people with the sunburn in April, and I am proud of it. Classes ended yesterday and exams are looming over the entire UVM community. Today is a reading day so there were supposed to be no exams, except there were a few exam spots open for teachers that wanted to hold them earlier in the week. Many education majors finish early because teachers don’t usually hold traditional exams, but rather, hands-on exams. For example, my final exam for my Introduction to Teaching was to eat ice cream with my pen pal and hang out with her. It turns out that I only have 2 exams: Political Science, and Math.

It seems that the weather has just started to get nice just when students need to be buckling down and really studying for exams. At least we have the whole summer to look forward to! It’s hard to believe that I am almost done with my first year of college. It went by so ridiculously fast that it makes me nervous that the next three years will go by even faster than the first. I am so sad to leave all of my friends here; it will be weird to live without them after doing everything with them for the last ten months. But it’s nice to know that I am coming back to such an amazing group of people and have three more years to look forward to spending with them. We have already planned a reunion barbeque, which I am already so excited for. I am two exams away from Rhode Island, and I think I have a more bittersweet feeling in me than I did when I graduated high school. But the major difference is that I know I am going to see all of these people again, and each year I will keep growing in my friendships, academics, and involvement in the UVM community.

Us at the Davis Center:

Down at North Beach:

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