Changes in the Weather

The weather here at the UVM campus has certainly turned since last month. More and more people are strutting the campus sporting their shorts, skirts, sandals, and t-shirts it’s hard to believe that it actually gets warm here (especially after having a week in the -20’s). With only about 3 weeks left of classes I haven’t accepted that my first year of college is coming to a close. There are a lot of changes that will be happening next year. I will be a Resident Advisor (RA), which is great, but it comes with a lot of responsibility. I will be living in a different residence hall than all of my friends that I live with now, and I will have a much busier class load. As an elementary education major it’s important to complete a lot of your general education requirements, because your last 2 years of school are basically spent in the classroom. I went and talked to my advisor yesterday and we discussed how my next 2 semesters would be 18 credit semesters (which is the maximum number of credits), but then it should even out again. I register for classes on Monday, so I really hope I get everything I need to take. Otherwise, it will change my entire schedule for the next four years!

Finals are coming up soon, and I think we are all in denial about actually having to study. It’s so nice here and after such a long winter we all have a bit of cabin fever and just want to stay outside. I tried doing homework on the green the other day and just ended up falling asleep beneath the warming sun. Another thing that is going to change next year is my view. It may seem trivial, but I have an amazing look of downtown Burlington and then Lake Champlain. Especially when the sun is setting. Next year I will either be looking at a parking lot or a small patch of grass, so that’s definitely a downfall, but there are other great viewing spots on campus. Like…the fire escape on Williams, during your first weeks upon arriving at UVM be sure to climb up the fire escape and watch the sunset, it’s where I realized that I was in love with UVM. It’s absolutely gorgeous here every season, but especially in the fall so be sure to take advantage of that. Also take advantage of everything UVM offers, including the small things like sunsets, free ice cream cone days, and benches on the green. These things, at least, will not change unlike a lot of things that will from year-to-year. So, yes, my view may change, and so will the hall I am living in, but there will always be constants that will comfort me during times of stress and unfamiliarity.

This is the view from my room:

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