April [Sun] Showers

I am sitting in my room with the window wide open to a gorgeous sunny day and my music playing, hearing what sounds like someone coughing up a lung outside (a regular occurrence around this time of day…). I guess I’ll start this entry with a brief overview of the last two weeks, and I’ll go into detail on a few things afterwards.

I had a Saturday class almost two weeks ago for EMT-Basic, which was fun for class on a Saturday. I went to Vermont Sandwich with two classmates, which was quite enjoyable. The Monday after that, I met with my academic advisor to plan next year’s courses, and my life in general. Wednesday was a hectic day. I woke up at 6am to be at the Sheraton Conference Center at 7am to be a patient model for the Emergency Medical Services conference. Essentially, I got a bunch of fake injuries made-up on me, with which I had a lot fun for the rest of the day (heheheh). Also, I went to the career fair, sponsored by Career Services, to speak to the VT State Police officer there. On Thursday, I went to a Contra Dance at the Wing-Davis-Wilks Res-Hall complex, and I had a lot of fun socializing, listening to good music, and of course, dancing. Also on Thursday, I performed at Open Mic night in Living and Learning. Friday night, after Rescue, I went home with friends, and Saturday I hiked about 4 miles total to go backcountry skiing with my dad.

This week has been slightly less hectic. Monday…um, I don’t remember much of that day, so it couldn’t have been too important. Must have been homework. Wednesday, yesterday, I woke up and worked out. Then, after breakfast, I did homework ALL day, except for when I was teaching a fiddle lesson. At 5pm, I had to go to class and give a presentation. I had to leave class early to go perform with the University Concert Choir in the recital hall. After that, I went to the Inter-Residence Association General Body Meeting, to which I was an hour late. Finally at about 9:45 I was back in my suite, discovering that someone had pranked my room for April Fool’s Day! Essentially, I did not go to sleep until 1:30, because I still had homework to do and I had to put my room back together and find the culprits, so I could reciprocate on the pranking.

Wow, that is a summary of my two weeks, and I feel like there is enough detail there. I have to say that college time passes so quickly, mainly because there is always something to do, and not enough time to do everything that you want to do. Sleep seems to be a luxury currently. There are a lot of great people here, and there is almost always fun to be had, which must be balanced with studying. This weekend, I turn 18, and I have class on my birthday, but that should still be fun. This is also the Old-Time Music Festival weekend at UVM, and we have great musicians coming, so I will be watching an amazing fiddler on my birthday. Also, now that spring is here, everyone seems much happier in general.

Below is a picture of the UVM Recital Hall; it is a great place to perform!


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