Procrastination catches up

I sit here at my desk on the first Monday back from spring break. My friends and I are all hanging out in the room feeling very lethargic and not wanting to do any work that has to be done. I was assigned a bunch of work over the break, but me being the college student that I am and enjoying break, did not start any of it until last night when I got back from break.

I very much regret not doing any work that I was assigned over break. I have all my books stacked up to my left on my very messy desk, that still holds several unpacked necessities, and try to put off doing anything for as long as I can. I turn around to see my friends start to leave saying that they have to do all the work that they put off over break and I know that I can’t put off not doing anything of my work any longer. I take my first book off the stack, History of the U.S. up until the late 1800’s, and start to read. I get through the first two chapters, taking me a total of two hours, and lay my head down on the desk not wanting to proceed with any more homework.

This is when I decide to not put off all my homework to the end of any break. Next time I have a break, I am going to spread my work out so that I am doing something small every night. Yes, it sucks doing homework over break, but it is better than doing it all when I get back and not being able to get everything done in that little bit of crunch time.


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