Spring break!

Ah, one day until Spring Break! I feel as though the entire University community needs this. My brother is going to Europe for the break, with my suitemate and one of his suitemates. I am going to do some schoolwork for EDFS055, go skiing, and be on duty for rescue. Oh, and I suppose I will sleep a lot!

My midterms went very well, as far as I know. Town meeting day was amazing, because I am unfortunately still not 18, thus I could not go home to cast any votes, so I worked out and relaxed my mind. Next year, we will supposedly not have Town Meeting day off, and because I will be 18, I will be skipping class to vote in my hometown. Because almost all of my classes are on Tuesdays (First Tuesday of March is town meeting day), my week has been pretty laid back, but for some reason I have had a headache since Tuesday morning. Maybe I need a bigger break than one day.

As far as Living and Learning goes, the program fair was yesterday, where next year’s program directors try to market their program to students seeking housing for next year. My brother and I, the program directors for Emergency Services next year, got dressed up in all of our gear, he in his firefighting gear, and I in my Rescue jumpsuit. We displayed a bunch of cool medical and fire gear, but not too many people seemed interested. Applications close tomorrow, so we will know the final tally soon.

Socially school keeps getting better. Last night I stayed up until one with friends, just hanging out. Of course, that turned out to be a bad idea when my roommate decided to get up at 6am today, and make constant noise for an hour so that by the time he finally left, I had to get up and go to class, so as I write this, I am running on coffee, a 3-day old headache, and 5 hours of sleep. But that is what college is about – learning. It is the best time to learn about personal limits and comfort zones. It is the best time to expand comfort zones. It is one of the only times in life when a person is surrounded by thousands of people their own age with common goals of education and fun! In closing before break, I would say, push your limits if you know that you have a cushion for the consequences. I don’t need to sleep for a few days, I suppose, because I have all of spring break to catch up!


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