More classes

My class schedule is a lot better this semester than last. I have learned that it is better to have classes clumped and early rather than spread out and later in the day. Of course this isn’t to say that this way is the best way, some people like to have all of their classes two days a week and then be free for the other three days. Other people like to have later start times so they can sleep in, but this also means they will have classes into the late afternoon. This semester I am taking six classes. These classes are The Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics, American Literature, Introduction to Teaching, Political Science, Integrating the Arts in the Classroom, and a six week Resident Advisor Selection Course. My official major title is Elementary Education with a concentration in English. If you become an Elementary Education major you are required to choose a concentration (similar to a double major) by the end of your sophomore year. My concentration is English, which means that I must fulfill a certain number of credits in the English department in order to graduate, on top of getting these credits I also have to take a total of 94 credits for elementary education. Choosing a concentration can be a difficult decision if you don’t have one specific interest so it’s important to use your first semester to really explore different subjects. Also, make friends with your advisor; they are one of the most knowledgeable and helpful people on campus. Elementary Education majors are required to create a four-year plan with their advisors help, and it is a really useful tool when figuring out how your next four years will play out. There are so many credits needed to graduate that it really helps have a tangible way of seeing those credits. Ultimately, never panic about your classes there is always a way to change your schedule just e-mail your advisor and make sure that you choose a concentration that makes you happy, otherwise you will be in for a very long four years.


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