Money makes the world go ’round

Money money money. Money is definitely one of the most prominent problems that college students face. I have definitely realized that in the past week. Not only did I lose my CatCard, but I had negative 44 cents to my name, in my checking account. I guess those two days I took off from work study really hit me hard. The more time I spend away from home the more I want to become LESS dependent on my parents. So, needless to say, I was frustrated when I had to call my mom to transfer money into my account so I could get a new ID…and buy food. And get into my building. (I didn’t realize how important that card was until I lost it). As the phone was ringing, all of those pointless purchases ran through my head. Two visits to Dobra Tea (what a lovely place), Henry’s Diner for breakfast on Saturday, a trip to Simpson Store, take-out…3 times a week. I stopped there. I obviously need to become more financially responsible! I also would benefit in not eating China Express and Domino’s as second dinner so often. A valuable lesson learned. One that only overdrawing on my account could teach me, but hopefully other people can learn quicker!

Spring Break is just 10 days away! I am very excited! And very surprised at how time is flying. I saw a bunch of campus tours today, and got so nostalgic to when I came up here and visited, and really just loved it. Burlington and UVM just felt like a fit! And every day that passes I know that I was right, it is a fit.


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